Andrew Rocklage is the founder and operator of Sky Trampoline Park, famous trampoline parks. He is a very famous businessman all over Boston due to his emphasize on excellent customer service which made his company always buzzing with activity.

Andrew was able to achieve this by insisting on recruiting the best and talented staff through series of thorough screening to ascertain their ability to interact with the Sky Zone Trampoline.

And once they join his team, they are further trained on customer handling to develop their skills further which contributes to the ultimate success of his company.

Besides working in the business arena, Andrew also once worked in Law industry where he served as the company attorney for EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals. He also has knowledge in technology which has helped him perform various innovations.

He can incorporate his experience as a lawyer into developing sound and practical business strategies that deliver Return On Investment, making him a role model in the entire entertainment industry.

Rocklage was lucky to be surrounded by hardworking neighborhood, where education was held high up in everyone’s life. He grew up in Boston, the city surrounded by prestigious names in higher learning such as MIT and Harvard. Such an environment is what shaped Andrew’s character to the businessman we know today.

Immediately after high school, Rocklage was accepted to the University of Massachusetts based in Amherst where in2009, he graduated with a degree in sports management but never put what applied what he learned, instead he went to School of Law.

Andrew with a degree in Law studies from Suffolk University Law School one of the best law schools in the region.

After series of in and out of lecture rooms, Rocklage started his career with some internships, which later when he joined business he could look back and smile. These internships enabled him to make various connections which he would later unleash them to propel him to where he is today.

Andrew interned at Major League Lacrosse in the department of public relations. This opportunity not only gave him a chance to taste the business world, but it also gave him unforgettable experience that he would later use it to develop his business; the importance of a satisfied customer.

When the entrepreneurship train docked, Rocklage hopped in without hesitation, and this was when Sky Trampoline Park was born.

Andrew’s education in law and business has contributed to his ever rising star and this is what may make him take more bold career choices in future as his businesses and influence grow.

Crunchbase has it that though Andrew may be seen as just ‘Boston guy,’ he loves adventure and meeting new people. His love for traveling and open heart to appreciate those who are different from him is what inspires him to tour the world looking for his next investment opportunity.