Brian Bonar is a successful financial adviser who graduated from Stafford University. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering. As a finance executive, he advanced his study at the College of James Watt Technical. Bonar approaches issues from the point of developing designs that can offer solutions. He has extensive knowledge as well as experience in procurement, the development of design, site building as well as contract administration. As a leader, Bonar has a positive impact on his team. He is prominent for promoting healthy business partnerships geared towards excellence. He helps his colleagues to achieve their dreams. Bonar has an extensive portfolio bordering aviation, housing, retail as well as multi-family. His experience at Trucept Incorporation better defines him as a finance mogul who is ready to assist clients to achieve their dreams.


Following his persistent nature in assisting people with developing business strategies, Bonar was named the Who’s Who Candidate of the Financial Year. The award is a positive recognition of the best performers in leadership, professionalism, accomplishments and any other achievement in the professional field. The candidates for Who’s Who are typically elected by a committee. Bonar’s election was made possible by his strong academic credentials. With more than three decades in the professional management of financial accounts, Bonar has been instrumental in helping individuals with critical decision making.


At Dalrada Financial Corporation, he serves as not only the chief executive officer but also the chairman of the company. His roles at Dalrada encompass the selection of employees as well as employer benefits in addition to aftermarket products. Under Bonar’s insightful advice, Dalrada offers its clients a wide range of employee programs geared towards the success of the organization. Some of the programs provided by Dalrada Financial Corporation include risk management insurance, business administration as well as employee benefits. Bonar also serves as the chairman in addition to chief executive officer of an automated services company called Smart-Tek. His services extend to Allegiant Professional Business Service where he is the president. His duty in the company is managing the entire management by developing working strategies.


Bonar’s career extends to Imaging Technologies Corporation. This is a top ranking company that offers software management in addition to imaging hardware. According to Bonar, the target of the company lies within small as well as medium-sized businesses. He further extended his career when he acquired Source One Group. This is a professional employer that focuses on assisting organizations with payroll management as well as human resource management. With over thirty years experience in finance, Bonar is skilled in offering financial services for public and private organizations. As the chairman of Trucept, he commits to helping clients in achieving their financial dreams. You can also visit his Facebook account :