There’s no one quite like Brian Torchin when it comes to the fields of medical and law staffing. He’s helped hundreds of promising candidates to find solid, reputable employment since January of 2007, according to his LinkedIn.

Heavy praise for any man, to be sure, but there’s no denying that HCRC Staffing has gone above and beyond the call of duty for its medical and legal practitioners, law firms, and medical facilities.

A staffing agency is the best way to go for both employment and hiring in both medical and legal fields, and there’s no better agency than HCRC Staffing. According to, Torchin puts quite a bit of effort into preparing potential employees for their professions.

The agency focuses on finding candidates with experience, knowledge, and the “it-factor” that employers want most in their potential hires. His dedication to molding clientele to their best performance in the job market is part of what make HCRC Staffing so successful.

CEO Brian Torchin’s success in the staffing field must also be accredited to his approachable demeanor online. Saguaro Studios paints Torchin as a man of integrity and unfailing willingness to go the extra mile for both facilities and candidates alike. His About.Me page is concise and professional, but it’s clear to see that Brian Torchin, CEO, has no qualms about answering questions, helping staff, or explaining any and every part of the staffing process and the company. His Google Plus boasts helpful articles on the subjects of staffing and law, as well as medical advice when it comes to HIPPAA and other potential rough spots.

He’s well known for his dedication to the agency and to the medical field as a whole; prior to becoming the CEO he is today, Torchin worked as a chiropractic physician.

It was this profession that impressed upon him the necessity of staffing agencies, and the care for patients and those in need of legal assistance shows through in his management of the company.

The fruits of his efforts can be seen all throughout the internet, as both his Linkedin and Google Plus have plenty of followers and rave reviews about both the company and the man behind it.

Torchin does all that he can to provide both law firms and medical facilities with the best fit for their needs, and it shows in the satisfaction of the company’s clients.