Fabletics is a company that has surpassed a lot of competitors in their field. The company is one which mainly sells activewear and loungewear clothing for men and women. The company has grown since it was first founded and is now worth millions of dollars. The brand was founded by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg in collaboration with one of the biggest Hollywood celebrities, Kate Hudson. The company has proven to be hugely successful and is a collaborative effort between the three business partners. This year, the company decided to open its doors for the first time and take on another person to collaborate with. The person that they welcomed on board was singer, Demi Lovato and joined the Fabletics team to come out with her range of clothing that was designed by her and also had lyrics of the songs on her album adorned on them. The brand has gained a massive following of millions of followers all over the world. The company mainly operates out of the United States, with many of the stores there as well.


When one thinks of Fabletics, they think of contemporary and comfortable fashion. The brand has stayed true to the kind of clothing that it wants to put our, and the fashion-forward thinking that they incorporate in the products they produce. Fabletics mainly operates out of their online website, which is the primary place where people can get access to the latest fashion. Those who are looking to get a glimpse of what the brand has to offer, the website is the best place to watch. People who enter the site for the very first time are asked to create an account and log in with it. The account is synced up with certain information and preferences that the customer has, and then shows the products and clothing that they would like the best. Customers are allowed to choose as they please and can go in for how many ever sets they want depending on what kind of membership plan that they choose.


The brand knows that no matter how popular they become, there will always be people who are rather averse to the world of online shopping. These people are often worried about the kind of material their products are made of and whether or not what they buy fits them right. The brand decided to open up a few stores all over the country and began to feature them as their trial room stores. These spaces literally presented themselves as trial rooms where people could try out the clothing that they see online. Using some of the best logistics technology, the brand keeps track of all the clothing that is in the stores and only shows those options online that are available in store. This is done so that a customer is never disappointed when they walk into a Fabletics store. By incorporating this into their marketing strategy, the brand has managed to inculcate multiple people from all over into their brand, gaining potential customers.