Jim Tananbaum is the M.D of Foresite Capital as well as the starter and CEO of the company. The firm recognizes emerging healthcare leaders and provides them with capital, provisions, and networks. Most of the medical investments require massive capital and time to grow and become successful. Foresite Capital recently hired a new partner to the team, Dr. Molly He. Dr. He is a known doctor for her skills in the medical field and was also the former senior director at a company called Illumina. Her medical experience of more than 15 years will be an added advantage to the Foresite team. Dr. He has enough information and knowledge in genomic research and development as well as in pharmaceutical.

Jim Tananbaum is excited to have the opportunity to work with Dr. He; the doctor is a respected scientific researcher who will bring light to scientific sequencing field. He also adds via Bloomberg that Dr. He will be a valuable resource in the company, especially with her skills in genomics and drug development. Dr. He worked at Illumina as a senior director and was well known for her significant contribution to the company’s protein reagent innovation and improvements. The project has become global making it an achievement for Dr. He. She was also responsible for a similar project in another company called Pacific Biosciences. She developed a protein reagent development involving single molecular sequencing chemistry.

Dr. He has adequate knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry where she was focusing on developing drugs that are meant to treat cancer and immune disease. The doctor joined Nankai University and attained a Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry; from the University of California, she attained a Ph.D. in protein biophysics. Her success and achievements will strengthen Foresite’s team. Foresite is well known for investing in many healthcare companies with innovative and emerging projects. Dr. He stated she was excited to work with Foresite because of the upholding reputation associated with the team. Jim Tananbaum’s passion for science is what drives him to perform as well as the will to help others. Jim has also had a more than 20 years experience in the medical area. His expertise and skills help him lead the company to an excellent path.