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The Woman Needs To Pick And Not Be Picked, Says Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe co-founded Tinder Dating App, but she underwent a hard time during the time of her exit from the company. The Tinder co-founders among them Mateen her Ex claimed that they could no longer have a woman in the company since it made Tinder seem like a joke. Moreover, Mateen also called Whitney Wolfe a whore in public a factor that made her sue for her rights. The court ruled in Whitney Wolfe’s favor, giving her $1million in company stock.

Through her rocky relationship, Whitney Wolfe realized that she needed to create a platform that would give the woman more power as opposed to her difficult predicament at the time. Whitney Wolfe came up with the idea of Bumble that would allow the woman to choose who to date and not to be chosen. Though this was contrary to the norm, Whitney felt that when a woman just sits and waits for a man to like her, she is robbed of her power. Moreover, Whitney Wolfe realized that some women, who were over the age of 29 years had few propositions from men, especially in dating apps such as Tinder. Still, Whitney discovered that too many women were harassed and abused on the dating apps. Consequently, she came up with the idea of Bumble that would allow women to pick their mates and deny men the chances of picking women. She also ensured that the policy in the app was politeness and honesty, and everyone who abuses that is immediately barred from Bumble. Whitney believes that when the woman makes the first move, the man is limited from being aggressive and abusive to her.

After Bumble came, Bumble BFF, which is a subsidiary of Bumble, was invented. Bumble BFF exists as a module when one downloads Bumble on their phones. Its primary strategy is to help women socialize among themselves and talk about their private affairs. Bumble BFF as well helps women make new friends upon landing in new locations. It kills loneliness that occurs because of women marrying late these days as opposed to the past years when they married in their early twenties.

Learn more about Whitney Wolfe: http://moneyinc.com/whitney-wolfe-10-things-didnt-know-ceo-bumble/

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  1. Edith Channing

    Whitney Wolfe believes that women have the choice of picking who interest them for dating rather than the other way round hence she created her app. You might want to find out at xpertwriters is the best essay writing service you will find and her Bumble is geared at women accepting men who has matching profiles to theirs but only the women has the power of accepting new friends.

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